Return to in Person Hearings

Beginning April 19, 2022, all BMZA Zoning Hearings will be conducted in person. At this time no hybrid option is available.

All BMZA Zoning Hearings will be conducted in person at the Benton Building, located at 417 E. Fayette Street, in the 8th Floor Boardroom.  

12:30 pm - General Meeting - no public participation

1:00 pm - Zoning Appeals Docket  

All participants are encouraged to wear a mask in the hearing room.  All applicants and those attending in support or opposition of any issue before the Board must be present no later than 1:00 pm.  Each person testifying on a particular matter MUST sign in prior to testifying and provide their name, mailing address and email address.  Cases are not necessarily called in the order in which they appear on the docket. 

Appellant presents their cases to the Board first, followed by testimony in support of the appeal; opposition, if any, will then testify and present evidence. Appellant has the last word in rebuttal before testimony closes.  

There will be NO opportunity to provide the Board with electronic documents or to "share screen" during the in person hearing.  All of those wishing the Board to have documents to refer to MUST either email those documents to BMZA@baltimorecity.gov no later than 24 hours before the scheduled hearing or bring 8 hard copies of the documents they wish to submit to the Board to the hearing.  

Any written information received within 24 hours before the scheduled hearing, i.e. after 1:00 pm on the Monday before the hearing date, cannot and will not be considered by the Board unless submitted in person at the hearing.

Zoning Appeals

To file a new zoning appeal, please follow these steps:

(1) Register and file for a permit through Baltimore City e-permits at https://dhcd.baltimorecity.gov/pi/e-permits. If zoning relief is required, you will be directed to file a zoning appeal with BMZA via epermits messageboard. 

(2) Complete a zoning appeal form (https://zoning.baltimorecity.gov). Make sure to include both a valid email address and phone number and provide a written statement as to the relief required or the purpose of your appeal.

(3) Prepare a full site plan and floor plan of the property.

(4) File all documents at Zoning Administration, 417 E. Fayette Street, Room 147, Baltimore, MD 21202, including a zoning appeal form, a site plan, and a floor plan. Make sure to pay any fees assessed by the Zoning Administrator.

(5) Once reviewed and accepted, BMZA will contact you by email with a public posting notice and the date for your hearing. If materials submitted are not sufficient for processing, you will be required to cure any deficiencies prior your hearing.
Questions regarding the filing of appeal including fees? Please contact Zoning Administration at (410) 396-4126.
Questions regarding a previously or currently scheduled zoning appeal? Please contact BMZA at (410) 396-4301.